Disco Destruction: The AR Experience.

An interactive trailer, build for ARCore.

We'd all rather be out in the sun, dancing: https://t.co/ZU8DmkGddD#ARCore #indiedev pic.twitter.com/knCCRaovad

— Subjective (@subjectivevr) June 7, 2018

In this small AR experience, we used Google’s ARCore platform, to create a new kind of interactive trailer.

Put a dance floor and a disco ball in your room and watch the customers come in. Then, put some vinyls on and try your best to keep them happy.

Disco Destruction: The AR Experience, was a small side-project (build in a week), to prove the ability of AR to engage and show-off the feeling of the game to people that don’t own a VR device (yet).

To try it for yourself, please visit the Google Play Store link.

Good weather in Berlin so of course we're having an open air party in #AR 😂#arcore #arkit #discodestruction pic.twitter.com/7RGgZ7tKYW

— Alex Emexezidis (@polaralex) April 6, 2018