Disco Destruction.

Be the DJ, in VR.

Be the DJ. Keep the customers happy. Make some money. And save the disco from destruction.

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What is Disco Destruction?

Disco Destruction is a Virtual Reality game about being a DJ, keeping your customers happy and having fun. Searching for your expat uncle from Mykonos, you end up at his old disco in Miami, you mess things up and then work as a DJ to pay back your debt.

Disco Destruction was built specifically for VR, designed with both its advantages and limitations in consideration. For this reason, the gameplay is spread across small segments, so that the player can enjoy it in comfortable, small sessions.

Why the Early Access?

Subjective is a small team. And making a (good) game from scratch is no easy task.

That’s why we tried to develop as openly as possible. With our Alpha build, we asked people what they liked and what not. We constantly iterated on the basic idea and learned from our mistakes.

From this process, we understood what made Disco Destruction fun and decided to go all-in with something even better.

Which is... “Late Access”?


In the Late Access phase, players are going to enter a much more polished Disco Destruction world and experience a small (albeit crazy) story, while paying back their debt to the club owner.

Everything is going to feel better, look better, last longer, taste better, fly higher… ALL OF THE FEELINGS!

When is Disco Destruction: Late Access going to be available?

We’re planning on an April 2018 release.

Keep in mind, we’ll try our best to have everything working by then, but there’s a possibility that some things are going to be improved/added in the months following the release.

There are also plans to add even more extra things after the release, anyway. We want our players to get a great value out of our game.

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