Disco Destruction.

Be the DJ, in VR.

Be the DJ. Keep your customers happy. Pay back your debt. And save the disco from destruction.

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What is Disco Destruction?

Disco Destruction is an arcade-style, time-management game where you have to carefully manage your vinyls according to your customers’ mood.

But keeping them happy won’t be easy: You’ll have to keep your eyes on them, and strategically build up their mood, until they reach “ecstasy”.

Make money to buy upgrades, pay back your debt and help your uncle’s disco defend against the evil “Italos” and return to its former glory.

What is the “Late Access”?

Disco Destruction started in the form of an open alpha, which was available on Steam for a year. During that time, we connected with our audience and constantly iterated based on their feedback.

Now, we are taking everything a step further to create the game that we originally envisioned: Much better looking, much bigger and much more polished.

The “Late Access” is the last step before the final release. It contains the Arcade mode of the game, along with some Challenges - and soon we'll be releasing the Story mode, taking the players on an adventure through Miami’s nightlife.

Where can I buy the game?

Please visit our Steam and Oculus Store pages.

How can I keep in touch?

To talk directly to us, we invite you to join our Discord channel.

To be notified about all our latest news, follow us on Twitter (@subjectivevr). We'd also love to get your feedback on anything!

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