Disco Destruction.

Be the DJ, in VR.

Be the DJ. Keep the customers happy. Make some money. And save the disco from destruction.

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What is Disco Destruction?

Disco Destruction is a Virtual Reality game about being a DJ, keeping your customers happy and paying back your debt.

Searching for your expat uncle from Mykonos, you end up at his old disco in Miami, you mess things up and then you have to work as a DJ to make up for it.

Disco Destruction was built specifically for VR, with a focus on being accessible, fun and comfortable. For this reason, the gameplay is spread across small segments, so that the player can enjoy it in small sessions.

What is the “Late Access”?

Disco Destruction started in the form of an open alpha, which was available on Steam for a year. During that time, we connected with our audience and constantly iterated based on their feedback.

At the end of the Early Access, we had more than 7000 downloads.

Now, we are taking everything a step further to create the game that we originally envisioned: A much better looking, much bigger and much more polished one.

The “Late Access” is the last step before the final release. It will contain the basic Arcade version of the game, along with some Challenges - and a few months after that, we'll be adding the Story mode, taking the players through an adventure in Miami’s nightlife.

When is “Disco Destruction: Late Access” going to be available?

We’re currently putting the final polishes on the game. According to our schedule, the “Late Access” will be available mid-July - and the Story Mode a few months after that.

Where is it going to be available?

We’ll be shipping on Steam and Oculus Store.

How can I keep in touch?

To be notified about all our latest news, please follow our Twitter (@subjectivevr) and wishlist the game on Steam.